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1. Are your products only for Kinky, Coily, Hair Textures? 

No, but we suggest the following products for customers who have straight or fine hair and are worried that products may weigh down the hair:

Rice & Red Onion Shampoo/Conditioner, Rice & Red Onion Hair Mask, Garlic Shampoo/Conditioner, Red Onion Shampoo/Conditioner, Hair Rinses, Hair Tonics, Scalp Serums, & Hair Foods.

2. What type of preservatives do you use?

Most of our preservatives used are naturally derived, but some of our products have a higher spoilage risk. We use less than 1% of an unnatural preservative in the products deemed as a high risk for spoilage. This protects our customers and preserves the shelf life of the product. 

3.  What is the shelf life?

Dependent on the product. Hair Foods, Scalp Serums, and Rinses are formulated for a 4-6 week shelf life and refrigeration is required. Shampoos and Conditioners varies between 6-12 months, 3-6 months creams, 12 months oils and butters. Our products are formulated so that customers will use them consistently. 

 4. Are your products safe for children?

Children 1 year & up - If parents are certain of allergies, all hair products can be used EXCEPT our product Root Stimulator.  

5. Are your shampoos safe for color treated hair?

Our Non-Castile based shampoos are safe for all hair types including color treated hair. Our Castile soap based shampoos are best for kinky, coily, hair textures or thick hair, but not color treated hair.

6. Which shampoos are best to help with stimulating hair growth?

Garlic, Red Onion, & Rice & Red Onion Shampoo

7. How often do I apply scalp serums?

Depends per product. Directions and frequency is on bottle. Apply at least 2-3 times or 3-4 times a week dependent on product. Massage in and leave in. Washing isn't necessary. 

8. What's the consistency of the Hair Food?

Hair food is a liquid, NOT an oil. Twist top can be opened a little or a lot to control the flow of the product.

9. Where else may i find your products?

Our store is located at 3701 Atlanta Hwy Ste 38 Athens, GA. You may also find us online at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Etsy.com and our company website www.mynaturesego.com.

10. Do you have products for locs?