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Herbal Oil Infusions MAX (emu oil, ginkgo biloba, sulfur, saw palmetto)

Herbal Oil Infusions MAX (emu oil, ginkgo biloba, sulfur, saw palmetto)

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Herbal Oil Infusions MAX An herbal oil with a combination of herbs and oils to wake and stimulate the hair follicles. Excellent for lost/thin edges, or other problematic areas. Contains nutrients and deep penetrating ingredients such as emu oil, which is known to penetrate deep within the surface. Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, mustard seed oil, emu oil, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, rosemary, sulfur, calendula, horsetail root, basil, neem, sea kelp, yashtimadhu, bhringraj, cinnamon, peppermint essential oil Emu Oil - extremely high in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid is the largest component of emu oil, reason for this oil's amazing ability to penetrate the skin and carry with it hair growth stimulating medications. Ability to penetrate the stratum corneum barrier of the skin. Non-comedogenic and anti-inflammatory. Emu oil does not grow bacterial organisms. "The anti-aging factor in emu oil was proven in a study at the Boston University School of Medicine in which a pharmaceutical grade emu oil was topically applied to depilitated mice in a for a two-week-long period in a double-blind study using corn oil as the control substance. The processed emu oil produced a 20% increase in DNA synthesis which meant that the growth activity of the skin of these animals had a 20% increase. Also the hair follicles were much more robust and the skin thickness had increased as well. Dr. Michael Holick, MD, Ph.D. who conducted these tests said they also discovered that "over 80% of hair follicles that had been asleep were woken up and began growing hair." He explained that hair follicles go through stages from resting to growth and back to sleep again, and that they awoke these hair follicles by stimulating them which indicates that it stimulates skin growth as well." Mustard Seed Oil - s loaded with vitamins and minerals such as zinc, selenium, and beta carotene. Beta carotene converts to vitamin A, which is excellent in stimulating hair growth. The oil has a lot of fatty acides, iron, calcium, and some magnesium. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Ginkgo Biloba - has the properties to increase blood flow and provide nutrients to hair follicles, which are essential for hair growth and reducing hair loss. The medicinal value of Ginkgo Biloba was first discovered by ancient Chinese and later became popular in Europe, Germany in particular, and also other parts of the world. Ginkgo is one of the oldest living tree species. Ginkgo Biloba can significantly reduce hair thinning and hair loss, make the hair stronger and shinier. Saw Palmetto - block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT is responsible for male pattern baldness. Rosemary - lowers DHT (dihyroxytestosterone) improving hair growth. Antiflammatory and fights free radicals. Sulfur - linked to treating, relieving, and decreasing the occurrences of psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, and folliculitis. Increases your hair growth by stimulating your scalp and adds strength. Sulfur bonds with the keratin of your hair. Calendula - soothing to sensitive scalps, is rich in plant minerals that protect the hair from free radicals, and the scalp from bacterial growth. A lot of medicinal properties. Horsetail Root - contains selenium, and high sulfur content, a mineral that is essential for the proper growth of your hair. Helps to process iodine which is responsible for hair growth as well. Tulsi/Basil - reduce itchiness and promote hair growth by improving circulation in your scalp. Neem - high level of antioxidants, promotes hair growth, and conditions dry under-nourished hair. Helps with dandruff and itching, rids lice. Sea Kelp - a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, as well as minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium. Sea kelp contains vitamin B complex, including a high level of folic acid, which is essential for fast hair growth. Yashtimadhu/Licorice - DHT blocker, phytoestrogen effects, reduces testosterone levels Bhringraj - stimulates hair growth, combats baldness, receding hairline, dryness and dandruff of the scalp. Cinnamon - stimulates the scalp, increases blood circulation to the scalp. Peppermint E.O. - scalp stimulate. Increases blood circulation, promotes hair growth. Directions: Massage oil in area 3 or more times per week. Monitor hair growth/compare at 8 weeks.
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Cecilia O.
United States

Loyal longterm customer

Of course I Love!!

Amina K.
United States United States

We like it

The whole family uses it

gaspar r.
United States United States

Fantastic Growth Oil

Fantastic oil blend. Nice and light and you can use it everyday if needed. The size of the bottle was larger than expected - so it's a great deal as well.

Danielle E.
United States United States


Everything Nature's Ego is excellent. This is my first time purchasing this product, but I am confident it is food for my hair like all the other NE products. I am a loyal customer!