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Peppermint Vanilla Moisturizing Spray (microlocs, sisterlocks, locs, curly & wavy hair) - NaturesEgo

Peppermint Vanilla Moisturizer (microlocs, sisterlocks, locs, curly & wavy hair)

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Peppermint Vanilla Moisturizer is formulated with distilled water, yucca root, onion, shikakai, marshmallow root, virgin coconut oil, almond oil, and xanthan. Scented with vanilla and peppermint essential oil which gives it a light delicious scent. Preserved with optiphen.

Yucca, shikakai, coconut oil, and onion adds:
-scalp health
-growth properties

A versatile product that can be used as a daily moisturizer or as a prepoo scalp treatment.

Great moisturizer for protective styling (braids, twist, plaits) and refreshing locs, curly hair, wavy hair and protective styling. Apply to hair before twisting, braiding, or plaiting hair/locs to seal in moisture. May air dry (recommended) or sit under hooded dryer.